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??AeOn's Videos??(just a few?)

Just a lil" United Kingdom Flava on deck here affiliated with swift barz! I dropped this 1 last year on my bday since I had nothing better to do. This was/is for those that hit me up and say that they want to "see" me rap! Beat made from scratch for me by my boy, Unknownkriminal.....Enjoy & GOD Bless.
This is more United Kingdom Flava, Neurofunk/Liquid....i strive to be unique, different! 
Yet MORE UNITED KINGDOM FLAVA on deck...and yo, this beat is FLAVA!!! Just LISTEN....
This was something that I was feeling in my spirit 1 day & just started spittin'...u dig! FEMCEE on deck, u feel me...Lyricist! ○U.R.L.○Underground Renown Lyricist....yes, in the flesh!
Yea....stupid people, stupid remarks and their plain stupidity really gets on the last of the last of my nerves! I stepped out of my character a lil on this 1....the morons and idiots with their idiocy and insolence really irritate me; i haven't the patience for their foolishness and slick's called "Zero Understanding". Do YOU "straw-man" much?.....Straw-Man didn't have a brain; but what's YOUR excuse! In my spiritually SARCASTIC words....."motha-BUCK u and ur false religion/new found what YOU do, just KEEP it up outta my face, dig"!!!........